codefest Zero Trust Coding

21 sept | 17:00 - 20:30

Zero Trust Coding

Trust no one. Check everything.

The last few years we’ve been seeing a shift in the IT world. In the ‘old days’, security usually was implemented at the edge of the company. Firewalls and security were only situated at the border of the network and once inside, an oasis of non-security awaited. The shift we see happening is towards ‘security everywhere’. From ‘internal network segmentation with firewalls in between’ to end-to-end encryption, authentication and authorization. The new dogma is Zero Trust. Trust no one. Check everything.

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In this codefest, your host and speaker Dirk Janssen, will explore what this means for you as a developer. What is it that you need to keep in mind and take care of to comply with new security regulations? Using practical real-life examples, we will show you how easy it actually is to realize Zero Trust coding with current technologies.

Dirk Janssen is a Rubix developer with ample experience in the field of Zero Trust coding.

Please note this will be an on-site event.
As safety is something we take very seriously, the location has excellent ventilation and proficient mutual distance can be kept. Self-testing beforehand is not mandatory, though it would be much appreciated.


17:00 – Walk in
17:30 – Dinner (yes, it’s pizza!)
18:00 – Presentation: Secure coding
18:30 – Examples containing MTLS, Signing,
Encryption and common problems
19:15  – Customer example
20:00 – Discussion and Drinks